NU Vitality Sole Distributors for LifeMel Product Range in UK and Ireland

At NU Vitality, we are proud to announce that we are the new UK and Ireland Distributor for the Life Mel Product Range - unique and functional beehive products. We are committed to supplying only to range of Specialist Health Food Shops and Pharmacies across UK and Ireland. The range currently consists of 14 unique food supplements from the Beehive and is constantly growing.

Our focus is on spreading word about the unique range of functional beehive products -  The LifeMel Product Range. 

LifeMel Product Range is a unique food supplement from the beehive. It’s naturally made in Israel by bees fed on a diet of a specially prepared mixture of natural herbs.

News stories on the internet have made LifeMel famous around the world for its health benefits, as it’s believed to be both stimulating and ba

lancing for the body. This is understood to be as a result of the unique process which goes on within the bees once they have assimilated the specially prepared mixture of natural herbs.

LifeMel is the result of over 30 years extensive research by its producers, Zuf Globus and is a unique beehive food supplement made by bees fed on a diet which has been prepared with a special mixture of natural herbs.

The product is one of many in the beehive supplements manufactured by Zuf Globus Laboratories in Israel, now being sold worldwide to help people with health issues and aid in general wellbeing.

Experts have recently tested the LifeMel product and proven that LifeMel contains 95.600 anti-oxidants in a 100 gram serving compared to 9.261 anti-oxidants in 100 grams of wild, raw blueberries. The research was carried out by Tor Vergata Rome University and showed that functional honey can be a perfect supplement for those wanting to increase their daily intake of anti-oxidants.

LifeMel 120g

LifeMel is known for the positive effects it can have on the human body helping to naturally assist a range of consumer complaints such as anaemia, enhancing the immune system and alleviating side effects of chemotherapy and/ or radiotherapy.

One small study by doctors at the oncology unit of Sieff Hospital in Israel was published in the peer-reviewed journal Medical Oncology (vol 23, no 4, 2006), which reported that 12 out of 30 cancer patients given the LifeMel honey after chemotherapy did not suffer the usual dramatic dip in white blood-cell count (neutropenia), and eight patients reported improvement in quality of life.


Presently, a phase two study is being carried out in Italy. Should this study provide positive results, we then plan to run a phase three study not only in Italy but also in the UK.